Special Days

LOVING OUR COMMUNITY DAY: October 1-3 (Thurs – Sat)
We’ll be collecting non-perishable food items for our local Food Pantry.  Receive $1.00 OFF General Admission Pricing for your donation.

HEROES DAY: October 10th (Sat)
Are you an Emergency Responder (fire/police/ambulance), medical staff (docs/nurses) or in our Military?? Receive $2.00 OFF General Admission Pricing.

STUDENT DAY: October 17th (Sat)
Show up with a valid student ID (college and under) to receive $1.00 OFF General Admission Pricing.


October 30th & 31st (Fri & Sat)
& November 6th & 7th (Fri & Sat)
Cost: $12/person
For the last two weekends of the season, we are offering a whole NEW maze experience!  From 7:30pm-10:00pm attempt to run the maze in THE DARK!  Cost for these times are $12*/person.  Each person MUST have a flashlight!!!  (We will not allow you to run the maze without a flashlight!  We will have flashlights available for $4.)
*We will honor the discount offered for all returning visitor tickets.  Example: If your General Admission Ticket reflects that you should receive $3 off, then your Night Maze Challenge Ticket will only be $9.