Plant a Seed

Our mission at Gospel Farms is to do more than just provide a family friendly, fun atmosphere for Northwest Missouri, but there is an additional motivation behind our mission.  As Christians, our hope is to align all of our resources for God’s purposes, including this land He has blessed us with.  So each year at Gospel Farms we will highlight a ministry that focuses on sharing the Good News of Jesus to every nation, tribe, people, and language.

OUR 2019 MINISTRY FOCUS: “Bibles for the World”

We at Gospel Farms have chosen to support this ministry throughout out 2019 season because of their commitment to distribute God’s Word in many languages where people have little or no access to Bibles.  Additionally, in a time where financial misappropriation is rampant, we are extremely appreciative of “Bibles for the World’s” practices of financial transparency!

For more information on this ministry, please visit
And if you’d like to make a donation to support God’s Word being taken to unreached people groups, please give a donation HERE.

*Gospel Farms Donation Commitment & Matching: 100% of all donations received by Gospel Farms will be given directly to the ministry we are highlighting for the year.  Additionally, as a business we are committed to matching those donations, up to 10% of our seasonal profits.