Our goal at Gospel Farms is more than to just provide the most awesome, insanely spectacular, fun-filled, family-friendly destination in northwest Missouri; we also hope to leverage all that we have for the global purposes of sharing the Good News of Jesus! And since the body of Christ is made up of many parts, we want to give anybody and everybody a new way to participate in this mission with Post-A-Verse!

I want to share my favorite verse
from God’s Word to be an encouragement
to my community.

This year at Gospel Farms we’re providing an opportunity for individuals, families, churches, businesses, organizations, etc, to share their favorite Bible verse with every guest that visits the farm. After selecting a verse from God’s Word, it will be added, along with all the other verses chosen, to a HUGE banner(s) to be displayed this season at Gospel Farms.

1. Select a Bible verse that has special meaning to you, your family, your business, or your organization.
2. Visit “” and click the “I Want To Post-A-Verse” button. OR Come out for a visit at Gospel Farms (click here for map) and we’d be glad to help you in person.
3. Fill out the required information to submit your verse. If you submit a verse once our season has started, we will attempt to add it throughout the season (PLUS your verse will be included on the banner for next year as well.) You have the option of keeping your verse anonymous, in which your verse will still be placed on the Post-A-Verse banner at Gospel Farms, but simply not have your name by it. OR choose to keep your name next to your verse for all guests to see which verse is important to you. You could also Post-A-Verse in honor or memory of a loved one, whose name will be added alongside the verse you’ve chosen.
4. Your verse will then be displayed in a 12”x12” space on a HUGE banner at Gospel Farms for all our guests to see and read. (*NOTE: Some verses may be duplicated, as it is possible for a verse to be special to different people for different reasons.)


Additionally, you have the option to submit a short explanation as to why your verse is special to YOU. We’d love to hear from you! Please email your story to “” With your permission we’d like to make available these stories of why God’s Word is special, for others to view on our website.


Finally, as a gift to you for your participation in POST-A-VERSE, you will also receive an “I Planted A Seed at Gospel Farms” t-shirt, as our way of saying THANK YOU for helping us share God’s Word.

We made an observation about our guests visiting Gospel Farms; many of them strolled around the park while their kids played, or while family was in the corn maze.  Often times they would look around at the different attractions or rest at a picnic table while waiting.  We figured this would be a great opportunity to give them something else to read or look at…and why not read passages from the Word of God!  As always, our desire at Gospel Farms is to engage our community with the love, truth, and hope of the Gospel! 

Scripture tells us that God’s family is one body with many parts, and due to life circumstances often times we each have particular verses that mean something special to us: maybe it was an anchor in our storm, the reassurance in our struggle, the joy in our celebration, or the forgiveness from our sin.  We want people to have a chance to share with others what is meaningful to them…and maybe it will be the encouragement someone else needs in their particular season of life.