FUNraisers – Earn 50%!

Looking for a FUN and EASY way to raise funds for your school, team or organization?  Put the FUN back into FUNraising!  Our FUNraisers requires very little effort from you…AND they bring families together!  That’s good for everybody!  

NO forms to keep track of!
NO orders to take!
NO product to hassle with!

Why choose Gospel Farms for your FUNraiser?
We make it SUPER EASY!!!  You have other things to focus on, you don’t need the hassle and stress of a complex fundraiser.  PLUS, you get 50% of the PROFITS… helping your group buy uniforms, cover travel expenses, get more equipment, pay for an event…whatever your need!  And a Gospel Farms FUNraiser requires a little more than a simple phone call!

How Does It Work?
1. Have the leader from your school, team or organization contact us to select an available Thursday evening (2-3 hour block) from our calendar and let us know why you are raising funds. (Call us at 972-658-6092.  Call early, limited availability.)
2. Then simply invite EVERYBODY you know to come out on the date you picked and enjoy an evening of FUN at Gospel Farms!
3. When guests show up they only need to let us know that they are here to support your group…IT’S THAT EASY!!!  

What do guests receive with a Gospel Farms FUNraiser?
All FUNraiser guests purchase a Special $12/person General Admission Pass* that includes:
• One round of 18-Hole Minigolf
• Access to our FUNZONE (fun for ALL AGES)
• A coupon for $1 OFF Any Size Shaved Ice Snowcone, to be used ANYTIME.
• Hours of quality time and family fun together!

(*All FUNraiser Passes during our Fall Season, Sept 12-Nov 3, are $15/person and also include access to the A-MAZE-ing Corn Maze.)

How does our group receive the funds?
At the end of the night, we tally the total number of participating FUNraiser Admission Passes purchased, and your school, team or organization receives a check for 50%!!!  You get the funds…and families get quality time together!  

What if we already have a different fundraiser planned?
If you already have a fundraiser on the books, then why not simply add a Gospel Farms FUNraiser on top of it to get even more funds for your group with literally NO EFFORT!  Make a call, pick a day, invite friends and family!  BOOM!  More resources for your group!!!

*All dates and times of operation are weather permitting and subject to change. We recommend also choosing an acceptable RAIN DATE for your event.

Ready to raise FUNds with FAMILY FUN???
Call us TODAY at 972-658-6092