Corn Maze Race

Can you set the fastest time through our
A-MAZE-ing Corn Maze and
become the 2020 Season Corn Maze Champion???

(***Leader-board coming soon***)

Other Details:
• The cost is only $30…and you’ll be “corn maze famous!”
• All videos will be posted to YouTube and Facebook, and your name will be added to our website as soon as possible. But it will take approximately 7 days for us to get your copy of the video to you.
• Weather conditions may not allow the drone to fly on certain days, please be aware of that.
• If you come up with a Corn Maze Race team name, it must be appropriate for all ages…this is a family friendly place. Inappropriate team names are subject to being changed be ME and I exuberate creativitiousness.
• The drone will only track a single member of your team, so make sure that if you plan on splitting up, you choose the smartest person for the drone to follow.
• You cannot sign up for the “Corn Maze Race” during one of our Night Maze Events as the drone will not be able to see you…and it’s dark which makes maze running times a little slower…unless you’re scared of the dark and you may post the fastest time…who knows?? Either way, no drone at night.
• Sometimes technology fails…ever had that happen at the wrong time? It happens. We will make all runs as fair as possible, and IF something happens to go wrong, we’ll do our best to make it right!
• All videos will be screened before posting; any activities of an inappropriate nature will be edited out before posting…my kids will be watching these.
• At our discretion, any video/run may be subject to disqualification and not posted…but if you’re here to have good, solid fun we want to highlight every second of it!!!