3D Archery

2021 Regular Season Admission
Dates: Sept 16-Nov 6
Rates: $10/person

Try out your bow hunting abilities as you bead down on 18 life-like targets.  3D Archery is similar to a round of golf, only instead of hitting a ball to a cup, you’re shooting a field tip arrow at an animal target that looks as real as they come.  This is the only attraction at Gospel Farms that can be done without a General Admission Ticket.

• “The Hunt” 3D Archery Adventure is ONLY a course.  We do not provide ANY equipment.  ALL archers must bring their own bows and field tipped arrows. (Our intention is to provide archers of ALL ages a safe and fun destination to practice and increase their skills in bow hunting.)
• For the safety of ALL participants, our posted “Field Rules” will be strictly enforced.  Any participant not following our posted “Field Rules” will forfeit their participation at Gospel Farms for the season. 
• Maximum group size on the course is 5 archers.
• The course loop must be shot in order. For safety and courtesy reasons, please do not shoot targets in reverse order.
• Scoring for “The Hunt” 3D Archery Adventure will be center 12’s on IBO inserts. Each archer will shoot 1 arrow per target and the scoring will be as follows: 12,10,8,5,0.  Instructions will also be provided on your Score Card.
• Please respect the grounds and targets. We want to leave the area as clean as possible and respect the property to provide the best atmosphere for all archers. Please treat the targets with care and do not climb on any target as they are not built to withstand weight on top of them.
• **ALL participants under 16 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult!**